What is LCPF?

  • LCPF stands for Letter Carrier Political Fund.
  • LCPF is the NALC’s Political Action Committee or PAC.
  • Our members give contributions to LCPF and the NALC uses those funds for campaign contributions.

Why do we have a PAC?

  • The PAC allows us to support political leaders in both parties who defend Letter Carrier benefits and protect Letter Carrier jobs.
  • The PAC allows us to show our friends in Congress that have supported us in the past on our legislative priorities that we appreciate what they have done.
  • The PAC allows us to support policies that are favorable to all working people—defending social security, improving health care benefits, and strengthening collectively bargaining rights.

LCPF is a Bi-Partisan PAC used for both Democrats and Republicans. NALC gives to candidates that are friendly to Letter Carriers regardless of their party.

  • LCPF only supports people who have supported us in the past, and we want to continue those relationships.
  • The NALC only uses LCPF funds to lobby on issues that directly affect the Postal Service and the jobs and benefits of our members.

The interests we protect through the use of the LCPF.

  • A strong U.S. Postal service
  • Job security for Letter Carriers
  • Affordable health care benefits
  • Safe and secure pensions

Why should you contribute through automatic deduction?

  • The number one reason we are pushing automatic contributing is that once a member is doing so, we never have to ask them to contribute to LCPF again. If a member relies on one-time contributions, the NALC has to ask and remind our membership to give to LCPF every year. If they give through automatic deduction we only have to ask them once.
  • It’s a very convenient option. Members don’t have to write a check or use cash every time they would like to contribute to LCPF. Again, once they are an automatic contributor they don’t have to worry about making one-time contributions.
  • Currently the average contribution is $5 dollars pay period, so we are not asking you to do any more than you brothers and sisters are already doing.

Automatic Deduction allows us to better budget our political contributions. If we know how much money is coming in, than we know how much money the NALC can spend protecting the interests of Letter Carriers.

What if someone told you that you could help save your job and the job of your fellow letter carriers for only $5.00 per pay period? The Postal Service is proposing contracting out the delivery of mail. All across the country Districts are planning to contract carrier assignments out to private contractors. When I first started working for the Postal Service you could hardly find a contract truck driver, today try to find a driver that is a Postal Employee. In order to combat the Postal Service’s efforts to cut costs by outsourcing, which threatens our jobs and quality and security of America’s mail service, the NALC will defend this attack on our jobs, first at the bargaining table, and then seeking a permanent legislative ban on outsourcing. The union can not use dues money to lobby congress, that money must come from voluntarily contributions by members of that union. Those contributions are needed now more than ever before.

Created in 1975, the Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF) fund is used to develop educational programs for letter carriers about political topics and to support candidates for federal office. Branch 825 has led the nation in the total number of contributors for almost 20 years now, thanks to the efforts of John Grace, Eric Smith and Dave Faco through our Golden Key program. Golden Key was one of the first programs of its kind, contributions made by payroll deductions through the Corporate American Credit Union. Currently over 200 members of our branch contribute either directly to LCPF our through our Golden Key program. For those who are contributing thank you, and please keep telling carrier next to you how important it is. If you are currently not contributing please consider doing so. Think of it as job insurance for ten dollars a month.The Illinois Association of Letter Carriers has a PAC called I.P.A.L.C.; to donate to Illinois political candidates involved in state wide races as well as U.S. congressional races. With our Golden Key II program, the Corporate American Credit Union will also take donations for I.P.A.L.C.