Branch 825 Members,

Branch 825 had the privilege of hosting the Illinois State Association Golf outing, we successfully raised $4,465 at the outing and an additional $500 raffling off lottery tickets for a record high grand total of $4,965 to benefit MDA

Mike Montes and his wife Barb participated in the MDA muscle walk and raised $2,600. We are proud of all that they have done in support of MDA for our branch.

Lastly, we are having an MDA raffle and the drawing will be held on November 30, 2023. We will be raffling off everything from GoPro’s to vacation packages and everything in between. Let’s keep the momentum going by buying your tickets and taking a chance at 36+ prizes. Raffle ticket purchase deadline will be November 15, 2023. Tickets are $10.00 each and can be purchased by reaching out to your branch representative OR me directly (Diana Hani-Taylor 708-715-0766) if you would like to sell some MDA raffle tickets or buy tickets don’t hesitate to contact me. (Donations/prizes to donate are also welcome)

Thanks to everyone who has donated to MDA this past year!