The National Association of Letter Carriers offers scholarship opportunities for persons wishing to continue their education past grade 12. The Doherty & Donelon Scholarships are offered annually to high school students who meet all of the eligibility criteria from N.A.L.C. Headquarters in Washington D.C.. Scholarship packages should be requested by December 31st. of the current year. Other scholarship opportunities are also available at the N.A.L.C. website.

On the state level, The James L. Ratkowski Scholarship is offered by The N.A.L.C. Illinois State Association annually. It too is offered to high school seniors who meet the eligibility requirements and submit applications by March 15th of the current year.

On the branch level, The Rodney Graham Memorial Scholarship is offered to members of Branch 825 annually and is available for any family member wishing to continue their education if they also meet all of the eligibility requirements. This application should be submitted no later than March 31st. of the current year. Contact the Branch Office for details.

We hope you take time to explore all of the opportunities available exclusively to N.A.L.C. members and we would like to wish all of you the best in your search of higher education. Don’t forget to check our Union publications and bulletin boards for these scholarship forms as they become available. Also check with local civic groups, high school administrative offices and college financial aid offices for additional scholarship information/opportunities. Some departmental scholarships are available at universities and future employers also provide scholarship monies and internships. I have also included additional links that might be of assistance to you. Good luck in your future endeavors!

Melissa Aschom

Branch 825 Scholarship Chair